Sunday School

We would love for you to come and get involved in one of our Bible Study groups on Sunday morning. For information please email Jarrett Yarbrough ( ) for more information.

Adult Sunday School Classes:

Charity - Leaders Laverne Pate

Gleanors (Ladies Bible Study) - 

Lois Hobby - Leaders Ruth Hendley, B.J. Bowers, Yvonne Lovett, Arlie Yancey, Wilene Bryant

Sanctuary - Charlene Lankford

All About Love (Couples) - Brian Cobb and Brandon Phillips

Bridge (College and Singles)- Beth Troy

Grace Notes - Tia Pridgen

T Bones  (Men's Bible Study) - Jamie Passmore

Upper Room - Jarrett and Leah Yarbrough


6-8 Grade - Leader: Marcia Whitley

9-12 Grade- Leaders: Marci and Matt Cleghorn


3-5 Grade - Leaders: Melinda Stembridge, Audrey Morgan, Ashley Pate

K-2  Grade - Leader:  Deanna Pate


3 and 4 year old - Leader: Ricki Cooper

1 and 2 year old - Nursery workers

Babies and Toddlers - Marsha Stembridge