Sunday School

We would love for you to come and get involved in one of our Bible Study groups on Sunday morning. For information please email Andy Harper for more information.

Adult Sunday School Classes:

Charity - Leaders Laverne Pate

Fellowship - Leaders Terry Hester, Julian Yarbrough

Gleanors (Ladies Bible Study) - Leader Fran Harper

Lois Hobby - Leaders Ruth Hendley, B.J. Bowers, Yvonne Lovett, Arlie Yancey, Wilene Bryant

Sanctuary - Charlene Lankford

All About Love (Couples) - Brian Cobb and Brandon Phillips

Bridge (College and Singles)- Steven Haggard and Beth Troy

Grace Notes - Tia Pridgen

T Bones  (Men's Bible Study) - Jamie Passmore

Upper Room (Young Couples)  - Alvin and Bard Staufer

Jesus and Coffee (Couples) - Jarrett and Leah Yarbrough


6-8 Grade - Leader Marcia Whitley

9-12 Grade- Leaders Marci and Matt Cleghorn


3-5 Grade - Leaders Melinda Stembridge, Audrey Morgan, Ashley Pate

K-2  Grade - Leaders Melody James, Deanna Pate


3 and 4 year old - Leaders Ricki Cooper

1 and 2 year old - Nursery workers

Babies and Toddlers - Marsha Stembridge