• English as a Second Language

    English as a Second Language classes for adults are held weekly from August to May. See the church calendar for a meeting times. Classes generally meet on Wednesday and Sunday evenings.

    ESL classes are designed to help Internationals learn to speak English more fluently. We offer classes for several different levels. The classes last 1 ½ to 2 hours. The classes are free and no documentation is required. Students are asked to purchase their textbooks generally costing $20. To register for classes call Connie Sexton at 229-325-4770.

    The classes are led by North American Mission Board trained teachers. Volunteers are always needed. Training is now online. Contact Connie Sexton at 229-325-4770 if you would like to observe a class or be trained as a teacher.

  • Adult Reading and Writing

    Adult Reading and Writing is a oneon-one tutoring ministry for adults who need help improving their reading skills. In Ben Hill County 25% of adults over the age of 25 read at a 3rd grade level or less. This impacts their ability to get and keep a job, get health care for their family, take care of their family and read the Bible. If you know someone who needs a reading tutor call Melinda McKinley (229-425-7483) to sign up for a tutor.

    Because our church services and activities are so laden with reading activities, many of these people feel that they do not belong at the church.

    ARW tutors are trained by the North American Mission Board to use methods and materials that have been proven successful for over 50 years. We constantly need volunteers to be tutors. If you can read you can teach someone else to read. If you would like training to be an ARW tutor call Melinda McKinley at 229-425-7483.